Remote Learning Center

Serving the remote learning needs of families during the pandemic.
Only $30/child per day. Part or full time enrollment available.

What is the Remote Learning Center?

A fun safe environment for your child to complete remote learning.

At First Church in Sterling, our mission is to gather in the spirit of Jesus and create heaven on earth. Gathering in the spirit of Jesus means finding ways to safely and bravely love our neighbors. Creating heaven on earth means easing suffering and helping to serve our neighbors’ needs in times of crisis.

Therefore, the mission of our Remote Learning Center is to aid families that have been disrupted as a result of school logistics by providing a safe, cost-effective, nurturing environment for children to engage in remote learning with support from caring adults.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are the operating hours? When are dropoff and pickup?
A: Operating hours are 8AM – 3PM, Monday – Friday. Dropoff is 7:50AM and pickup is 3:00 PM.
Q: What is the cost of attendance?
A: Attendance is $30 per-child per-day. If you’re experiencing financial hardship and would like to request assistance, please highlight your need on your application form.
Q: What kind of bear is best?
A: False. Black bear. ~Jim Halpert (as Dwight Schute)
Q: What do participants need to provide?
A: Your child will need to bring with them all materials for their school work (such as a laptop, tablet, or other fully charged connected device as needed to access any online instruction or programming, headphones, downtime activities, books, paper and pens, etc.), as well as lunch, water, and any snacks. The Remote Learning Center is equipped with WiFi connection to high-speed internet, chairs and worksurfaces, and power outlets.
Q: Are there any requirements on town of residence or school-district enrollment?
A: No, there aren’t specific requirements on town or school district. All children need to be enrolled in a school, or homeschooled with an education plan that has been agreed to with your school district.
Q: Who will be overseeing children?
A: The RLC is administered full-time by a Director, Lawanda McCombs and an assistant, Caden Anderson, who will be supplemented by volunteers. All participants have undergone CORI background checks.
Q: How did the First Church In Sterling get so awesome?
A: Anyone Can Be Cool-But Awesome Takes Practice ~Lorraine Peterson
Q: What are the safety precautions related to COVID-19?
A: We have multiple safety precautions in place, including:
Health and exposure attestation, which prohibits attendance by anyone experiencing symptoms or at high risk of recent exposure
Mandatory mask-wearing by all participants and visitors to the building
Physical separation,
Required use of hand-sanitizer upon arrival, after eating, after use of bathrooms, prior to dismissal
Operations of eight (8) state-of-the-art surgical grade air filtration systems which greatly reduce the potential for airborne viral buildup
Daily cleaning of all high-touch surfaces, cleaning of bathrooms following use
Availability of an isolation room for use in the event any participant becomes ill
Q: Who would win a fight between Chuck Norris and a Honey Badger?
A: Everyone
Q: Will the Remote Learning Center conduct any Religious Education?
A: No, religious instruction will not be part of this program. If you are interested in religious education, we recommend that you contact First Church In Sterling directly (Pastor Zach Kerzee) and inquire about its Christian Education Ministries.
Q: How can I help?
A: You can volunteer time as an on-site helper (background check will be required), donate supplies, or volunteer to help develop programming, etc. You can also make a financial donate using the button above and choosing “Remote Learning Center.”

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Lawanda McCombs


With over 10 years of successful program coordination, training, and case management experiences combined, Lawanda is committed to improving the needs of diverse populations. She is excited for the potential opportunity to use her knowledge of program coordination, her passion for helping others and strengths in administration and advocacy to help move the mission of providing a safe and compassionate remote learning environment for children forward.

Lawanda has her BS in Human Development and Family Studies from the University of Rhode Island.


Caden Anderson

Assistant Director

Caden is super excited to meet the Remote Learning Center Kids! Caden will be assisting Lawanda in the day to day operations of the RLC as well as enrichment activities and fun!