Annual operating pledges are vital to the church and allow us to assess the activities we can support in the coming year. We’re thrilled that you’re considering making a pledge!

Making a Pledge

You can make a pledge at any time, by contacting the church office, or by creating one directly in Realm, our online church directory. If you don’t have a Realm account, getting one is easy, just ask the church office.

Once you have a Realm account, follow these steps to make your pledge:

  1. Log into Realm
  2. In the navigation at the left, click on “Giving.”
  3. If you haven’t made a pledge yet, you will see a blue button labeled “+ Pledge.” Click on that button.
  4. Follow the instructions on the Pledge page.

After you’ve made a pledge, you’ll see it on your Giving page (step 2), on the right, labeled as “Current Pledges.”

Fulfilling Your Pledge

There are various ways in which you can fulfill your pledge.

Via Realm: If you have a Realm account, log in, click on “Giving” (on the left), and click the blue “+ Give” button. You can decide how often you want to give (e.g., once, every week, every month), the amount, and the method (e.g., credit card, checking account). Once you set up your giving, you can change it in Realm later.

Via Your Bank: If you have online banking, you most likely can schedule payments by check. If so, set up recurring payments, and have them sent to the church’s mailing address: P.O. Box 40, Sterling, MA 01564.

Via the Collection Plate: Every Sunday we take an offering during which you can give us a check, or cash in a pledge envelope. Contact the church office if you want pledge envelopes.

Tracking Your Pledge Progress

We’ll send quarterly statements as well as a calendar year-end statement.

You can also track your pledge progress in Realm: log in, click on “Giving” (on the left). Your pledge progress will be shown on the right, in the section labeled “Current Pledges.”

Changing Your Pledge

At any time, if you want to change your pledge, please contact the church office and we’ll be glad to change it. (Realm doesn’t allow members to change their own pledges.)