First Church in Sterling

Gathered in the spirit of Jesus.
Committed to creating heaven on Earth.
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Because of the miracles of modern technology, many of us live most of our lives in virtual reality, where anonymity reigns, and truth is obscured. In our virtual reality lives, we know that various media absolutely love to trigger us into playing our parts in the script they have written for us where moral outrage and division reign.

First Church is a real time, real touch, real life place of belonging where peace reigns, where prayer and uplift are the languages spoken, and where empathy and understanding are the values stressed.Here, forgiveness is offered for mistakes. Grace is abundant and free. This congregation gives us real, ideologically and theologically diverse folks to see and touch and know. We get to practice what it’s like to live with and understand those who are different from us. We get to say together, “Love is what transcends our division. There is nothing in heaven, and nothing on earth that separates us from the Love of God, and so we cannot be separate from one another.” Because our mission is clear and urgent, it transforms our lives.

As William Sloane Coffin says, “the world is now too small for anything but truth and too dangerous for anything but Love.” This congregation is committed to finding Truth, and living God’s love out loud. This congregation’s ethic of love spreads all over the community and the world. We are truly committed to creating heaven on earth. Click below to read a welcome letter from our pastors.

Pastoral Letter




Kids & Youth

Open and Affirming


We are a proudly Open and Affirming congregation. We welcome people of all ages, races, cultures, sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions, family configurations, economic circumstances, physical, cognitive or emotional abilities, education,  and religious traditions. We welcome you to come as you are and to meet this God who challenges us to be more than we think we can be. We know that the church at times has rejected difference and denied God’s promise for itself and for others, which is why we say without reservation: we welcome you as God welcomes you, as a beloved child. Read our Open and Affirming Covenant below.


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